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Clint Martineau, APRN

Clint Martineau has worked in mental-health for more than 10 years. He earned his PHMNP at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. He also has an MSN in nursing education and taught at Dixie State University. Clint started his mental health career at Dixie Regional Medical Center - Behavioral Health and found it to be fascinating and rewarding. He also discovered there is a lot of misunderstanding about Mental Health; a lot of stigma, and that there are too few competent individuals providing psychiatric services. With encouragement from his wife and promises of adventure and excitement from his current boss, he chose to advance his career and become a psychiatric provider. He joined our team at St. George Children and Family Psychiatric Center in 2019, after completing his degree. Clint brings elements of philosophy, theology, physiology and comedy into my practice. His goal is to assist individuals in finding and/or retaining hope and providing relief from their emotional and mental suffering. Clint is compassionate and has a personal understanding of what it means to struggle and survive. His door is open to all.

Clint is married with two children and four step-children, all of whom he loves dearly. He has 7 siblings, and says that although he grew up dirt-poor he and his family were never short of love for each other. During his childhood he moved and grew up in several small towns across central and southern Utah, starting in Moab and ending up in Hurricane in 1984. He was the first person to complete classes and graduate from Millcreek High School. His dream as a teenager was to become a Rock Star, so he taught himself to play drums, guitar, bass, and to sing. After getting a taste of the musician's life he decided he wanted a career with better hygiene and went back to school. After decades of making poor choices, he says his wife helped him make the right choices and he ended up where he is today. "l am truly blessed and
a very lucky man."


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