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Fee's for Services



Due to the rising costs of health care, insurance benefits have increasingly become more complex.  It is sometimes difficult to determine exactly how much mental health coverage is available.  “Managed Health Care” plans such as HMO’s and PPO’s often require authorization before they provide reimbursement for mental health services.  These plans are often limited to short-term treatment approaches designed to work out specific problems that interfere with a person’s usual level of functioning.  It may be necessary to seek approval for more appointments after your authorization has expired ore reached its limitations.  While much can be accomplished in short-term treatment, some patients feel that they need more services after insurance benefits end.  It is important to remember that you always have the right to pay for services yourself to avoid the problem described above.  In the event that you have any questions regarding your financial obligation, you can always call and speak to one of the receptionists and should always consult your insurance handbook or contact your plan administrator.  Listed below are the rates for professional services provided.



(This may include:  report writing, consulting with other professionals with your permission, preparation of records, forms, or treatment summaries, and the time spent performing any other service you may request of us.)

Medication Management              

Subsequent Appointments 

Counseling Services

Subsequent Appointments

Other professional Services

30-50min appointment (initial)

45-50min session

25-30 min session

15-20 min session

50 min appointment (initial)

50 min session

60 min








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